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The Cost of Dental Implants

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Compared to conventional dental appliances, which wear out quickly and can lead to problems that require additional treatment and cause discomfort, dental implant costs are well worth the investment.

Dental implant costs vary from one person to the next but there are basic factors to consider about dental implant costs:
•  Number of implants required. Dental implant costs increase with the number of implants needed. More materials cost more money, but patients who need to replace a lot of missing teeth also require a lot more time from the periodontist who will need to examine and identify areas where bone is most plentiful. Dental implants need bone to function.
•  Bone loss. Patients with a lot of bone loss (common among people missing teeth for many years) will have higher dental implant costs compared to patients who have little or no bone loss. Patients with bone loss may need a graft first, which is a separate procedure that increases the overall dental implant cost in Portland.
•  Type of dental implant procedure. There are different kinds of dental implant procedures and each one comes with different dental implant costs. All-on-4® implants and other dental appliances supported by implants have different dental implant costs than regular implants.
•  Sinus lifts. A sinus lift is sometimes necessary before dental implants can be placed. This is billed as a separate procedure and impacts overall dental implants costs.
•  Gum disease. If patients have gum disease, it’s best to treat it before getting dental implants. This will also affect final dental implant cost. Portland periodontist Dr. Robert Henshaw offers mild gum disease treatments that may cost less than moderate or severe cases, which can be healed with laser gum surgery. Untreated gum disease can cause serious health problems, so although it may increase your overall dental implant costs, it is money well spent.
•  Tooth extractions. Patients may need to have teeth pulled before getting dental implants, which increases dental implant costs. Conversely, patients who are missing all of their teeth and do not require bone grafting, may get their implants placed immediately—without any additional dental implant costs.

Dental implant costs are an important concern for most patients—and every patient is different. We want you to understand what can affect your dental implant cost in Portland. Please call us. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about your own dental implant cost in Portland.
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