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Low Light Laser Therapy

A hand holding Low Light Laser at Oregon Periodontics, P.C. Seeing a person smile at you, particularly someone close to you or someone special, can certainly inspire you and make your day better. This is how other people feel when you smile at them. It’s amazing just how powerful the simple act of smiling is. It can change the course of someone’s day in an instant. At Oregon Periodontics, P.C., we understand the incredible power that a smile has. That is why we strive to educate our patients on the importance of good oral hygiene on top of doing everything with can you help you have the best smile possible.

How Does Laser Therapy Differ From Traditional Periodontal Surgery?

If smiling is what troubles you a lot because you do not have those gorgeous set of white teeth and beautiful, healthy gums, we offer a spectrum of services which will make it easier for you to attain the teeth and kind of gums that you want and eventually gain the confidence to give your most appealing and sincerest smile to everyone.

One of the best and modern services that we offer here is using low light laser therapy for treating your periodontal disease, mainly to preserve your teeth. Employing such periodontal treatment shields you from invasive suturing and traditional surgery of the gums. It further decontaminates bacteria from the systems of your root canals and deep periodontal pockets eventually allowing injured tissues to heal faster than usual.

Compared to the traditional scalpel surgery, which causes more bleeding and swelling, the use of low light laser therapy eliminates any of your stress and anxiety because bleeding is reduced, swelling is minimized, and the wound is less painful, allowing faster recovery.

Who Is in Charge at Oregon Periodontics, P.C.?

With our certified and experienced microsurgical dentist Dr. Robert Henshaw, all microsurgical procedures, including low light laser therapy for periodontal disease treatment, are provided with the highest quality service attaining best quality results. With Dr. Henshaw using a microsurgical microscope for increased vision, operations are done with 20x the magnification of a human eye, thereby treating you with greater precision that you can imagine.

With our genuine goal of giving you the best positive experience, guaranteed satisfaction and comfort, we assure you that providing what you want is our primary and utmost concern. Enthused by our dedication to bring our patients the most favorable results for periodontal microsurgery, we have been recognized as the leader in periodontics in Oregon for several years now. In our 40 years of serving the Portland Community, we have established a strong and impervious mix of complete periodontal treatments with great proficiency in periodontal aesthetics and dental implants.

If you still have queries regarding low light laser therapy and other services for microsurgical periodontal care that Oregon Periodontics, P.C. offers, please do not hesitate to call us at (503) 575-7750. Our office is always open for your visits or appointments from Monday to Friday. We can answer any and all questions you have regarding your oral health and treatment plans.
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