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Laser Surgery Vs. Traditional Treatment

A hand holding the pain area on the jaws at Oregon Periodontics, P.C.The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) is a revolutionary gum disease treatment that Dr. Robert Henshaw uses to provide patients with a gentler, more comfortable, experience. The LANAP® gum surgery alternative is quite different from traditional gum disease treatment in Portland—and for many reasons. Here's why:

Traditional Gum Disease Treatment

•  A scalpel is used to cut into the gums and scrape away bacteria.
•  It hurts. Patients need general anesthetic during a scalpel gum disease treatment.
•  There's lots of blood. A traditional gum disease treatment entails cutting only the bad tissue around teeth but it destroys good, healthy tissue, too. Gum recession is inevitable, which can cause cosmetic concerns and tooth sensitivity for the patient.
•  Traditional gum disease treatments often involve bone grafts to encourage the attachment of soft tissue to the roots of teeth.
•  Tooth extractions are common and patients may need to wear dentures or get implants.
•  Recovery is unpleasant. Stitches and packing are necessary to manage the bleeding and encourage healing. Prescription pain medication is often required to lessen the pain, which can last several days. A soft-food diet is also the norm for at least a week or more.

Laser Gum Disease Treatment

•  A laser gum surgery alternative does not hurt. A local anesthetic is all you need a during laser gum disease treatment with Portland periodontist, Dr. Henshaw.
•  Very little bleeding. There isn’t any cutting during a laser gum disease treatment. No stitches or packing required.
•  It’s fast. A laser gum surgery alternative with Dr. Henshaw lasts about two hours (for one session).
•  Speedy recovery. You can get back to normal activities in 24 hours or less.
•  Laser gum disease treatment in Portland with Dr. Henshaw is very precise. Bacteria is targeted and killed on the spot, regardless of how infected the gums are, and the good tissue remains unharmed.
•  Bone grafting is less likely. Because with a laser gum surgery alternative, your healthy gum tissue will naturally reattach to the teeth roots.
•  Grow new bone and keep your teeth. Laser is proven by histological studies to generate new bone growth around your teeth so you can hold on to them longer.

Gum disease treatment in Portland with Dr. Henshaw is gentle, effective, and stress-free. Call us today and find out if our laser gum surgery alternative is right for you.
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