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Periodontal Exam

Diagram of start of gum recession at Oregon Periodontics, P.C. A periodontal exam is a necessary procedure to ensure the total dental health of a patient. Nevertheless, there are many individuals who do not go for regular dental checkups, jeopardizing the gums and bones located inside the mouth. It is not enough for you to simply brush your teeth regularly. This alone cannot guarantee that your teeth and gums are as healthy as they should be.

Visit the amazing staff here at Oregon Periodontics, P.C. for your regular periodontal exam. Our team of dental health professionals will take care of you and your teeth and gums. We understand how important it is to maintain healthy teeth and gums to ensure your overall oral health. Let us help you take better care of your smile so that you can keep it longer.

The Essence of a Periodontal Exam

There is no way of knowing whether your gums are healthy or not unless you get a periodontal exam. You may be having problems with your gums already, but they do not have any symptoms that concern you currently. Detecting gum problems can also help in discovering underlying health issues involving inflammatory conditions. Research has found a likely correlation between periodontal disease and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and respiratory diseases. Recognizing gum problems can, therefore, lead to ensuring your overall health. If you are unable to keep your gums healthy, then you are putting your teeth in danger as well. The gums are what hold your teeth, which you could lose eventually if your periodontal issues are left untreated. Just imagine the possibility of not being able to flash the perfect smile. Surely, this is not something you want to have happened.

Also, unhealthy gums have an impact on other random daily activities like speaking, eating, and drinking. This means having discomfort or difficulty in doing the things you normally and regularly do every day.

Periodontal Exam Provides Comprehensive Assessment

The procedure is all about inspecting and evaluating just how healthy your gums are. This is important to properly and timely treat gum diseases if you have it. We highly recommend that you regularly do this at least twice in a year. During the procedure, each tooth is measured about the depth of space between the gums and tooth, otherwise known as the “pocket depth.” The exam then looks into whether the gum tissue is moving down the root of the tooth, thereby exposing the root. This process is also known as the measurement of gum recession. Additionally, visual marks of inflamed gum tissue and loose teeth are looked into.

We Are Your Partner in Keeping Your Gums Healthy

Our professionals can effectively and efficiently take care of your health by performing a periodontal exam along with other dental procedures. Our team of professionals will thoroughly conduct the process to ensure you and your family are in the best of health. Based on our findings, we will recommend appropriate treatments.

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