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Root Canal

Diagram of a tooth after a root canal treatment at Oregon Periodontics, P.C. Oregon Periodontics, P.C. is the premier dental clinic in the Beaver State that offers affordable root canals using the most advanced equipment and procedures. Our expert endodontists and periodontists are always updated with the latest regarding the diagnosis, preventative methods, and treatment of your teeth. Our main aim is to save your diseased tooth. The procedure itself is very straightforward, which will last on average under one hour. At this time, our specialist will take out the pulp from the tooth, clean the channel, and install a filling to seal the gap.

A Root Canal Is a Nearly Painless Procedure

People always associate root canals with pain. The invasive procedure itself is virtually pain-free because of the anesthesia we administer which numbs the area. The pain is attributed to the infection of the pulp in the tooth. This pulp contains tissue and blood vessels, and most especially, nerve endings. Not all patients are eligible for a root canal, however. Those who suffered extensive trauma, which means the damage has penetrated down to the roots will not benefit from this procedure. In these cases, extraction will be the best option. The gap may be fitted with a crown or dental implant to prevent the teeth from shifting around. Each patient will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Our dental experts will always recommend the best route to take when it comes to your situation.

After the procedure, we will give you a list of dos and don'ts to follow to hasten recovery and prevent damage. If you follow our suggestions, while also making sure that you have good oral hygiene, the treated tooth can last you a lifetime. That makes it a worthy investment indeed.

Will Insurance Cover the Cost?

The good news is that dental insurance will usually cover a good portion of the total cost of the root canal. However, you have to check with your insurance company for the specific coverage according to your dental plan, particularly on the cumulative benefit year. Nevertheless, you may have to cover a percentage of the cost through a co-payment.

On average, root canals are mildly expensive restorative procedures. Typically, molars are pricier because they contain more canals that need to be sealed. By undergoing a root canal, the patient not only saves the infected tooth but the other teeth as well from further wear and tear. If the infection spreads from the one tooth to nearby teeth, it can result in you needing multiple root canals instead of just a single procedure. It is best to get any problematic tooth treated as soon as possible. That way you avoid the consequences that come with a ruptured oral infection.

Do you feel pain in your tooth or have you noticed the surrounding area getting inflamed? Visit us at Oregon Periodontics, P.C., so we can assess the condition of your tooth. Pain is not the only symptom of decay, however. We have the latest technology to see the insides of your tooth without being invasive. Call our contact number at (503) 575-7750. We can help to answer all your questions. Call us today!
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